"Thank you for the day and making it so bespoke to sport, our commonwealth week and our focus on enriching teamwork. The children (and adults) loved the participation, fun and energy that you brought to our school. We are hoping to continue this through a 'Rhythm Masters Club' next term."
Mrs S Kirby, Head teacher, Warnham C E Primary School - July 2018


"Ollie’s enthusiasm for music, along with the way in which he talked to and inspired the children, was second to none. He led the assembly with great presence and panache and the entire hall of over 200 people were hanging on his every word, children and adults alike. 

In particular, the engagement of some of our more vulnerable children was incredible. We have several children who can find concentration a struggle, as well as those whose self-confidence and self-esteem are low, for a range of complex, emotional reasons. Ollie’s workshop sessions and the performance to the school were so inclusive that no child let anything stand in the way of being completely involved. 

I spent the rest of the day dancing and singing, having been completely inspired by what I had seen and heard that morning, and not necessarily always in my head. Ollie’s energy for learning through music was utterly infectious and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for a visit to every school in the country. We will certainly be inviting him back."

Sarah, Head of Domansland Primary School, East Grinstead - April 2018



“The children absolutely loved the workshops! A perfect introduction to our new book. It was great to see the children enjoying themselves and learning in an exciting and creative way. They are still talking about it now!” 

Grace Jeal, Year 5, Teacher/English Coordinator, Wisborough Green Primary, April 2018



Your workshops were an energising and exciting experience for all the children. The atmosphere around the academy was buzzing during the day, and the use of music was an amazing way to embed the idea of Growth Mindset and positive learning with the children. The sessions were inclusive of all learners and the children are still talking about the sessions even now."

Christie, Head of Southwater Academy, Horsham - March 2018



"Rarely have I seen a young audience so engaged and enraptured. Your beat-boxing and story-telling session was a real highlight of the day, and provided the perfect contrast to the other children’s activities that were included as part of BookFest at The Hurlingham Club in London. Thank you so much for your willingness to participate and your total professionalism as a  guest presenter- I’m not surprised that you are in much demand."

Laurence Croneen, Founding Director of Deeper Blue Limited - Europe & Asia - February 2018



"Thank you for coming and supporting us in our RRSA knowledge. It was a great experience, so different and very inspiring."

Marta Weimann, Rights and Responsbilities Lead, Egremont Primary, Liverpool - January 2018



'Ollie's African drumming workshop with our children was fantastic! We used it as part of our fabulous finish and the children loved having the opportunity to use different instruments in many different ways. The children were amazed by what Ollie could do and lots of them now want to be musicians in the future! Very inspirational, Thank you!"

Emma Grimsdale, Teacher, Peacehaven Heights Primary School - December 2017


"Thanks again for your visit this week.  The children are still buzzing!  Every now and then I catch them singing your song too – brilliant!"

 Catherine Monk, Vice Principal, Southway School - November 2017


"Thank you so much for yesterday  - the school is still buzzing…."

Rachel Nunns, Head teacher, Castlewood Primary School - November 2017


"Your energy and enthusiasm are so infectious and the children had a really super time. A wonderful way to finish Anti- Bullying week."

Sally Johnson, Twyford Prep School - November 2017


"Thank you for raising our spirits and adding to the happiness and enjoyment at North Heath Primary School."

M Gildea, Head Teacher, North Heath Primary School, Horsham - September 2017


"We had such a wonderful day with Ollie, he tailored the music to meet our children's needs and made it fun and exciting for all to take part. All the children and adults were so engaged!!! We had wonderful results with our children's writing after Ollie's sessions as he brought the stories to life and gave the children strategies to remember their content through catchy tunes and easily remembered rhymes. A day that we have all been talking about for weeks afterwards, come back soon Ollie!!!!"

Marie Barkley, Class Teacher, Year One, Sudbury Primary School, Wembley - July 2017


"The young people LOVED it and got loads out of it, with even some unlikely characters getting totally involved! It was fun, informative and engaging and we’re so pleased you could come to work with us and our young people."

Rose Abram, NCS Project Officer, Groundwork South (Sussex & Surrey) - July 2017


"It was the best show of my life! Reading is so much fun to your amazing music!" 

Aron, Aged 6, Sudbury Primary, Wembley - July 2017  


"I would like to thank you for making our sons birthday party a memorable one.  A group of 11 year old boys were buzzing after the party.  Comments from the children........ "that was epic!" "That was the most awesome thing I've done!"  

 Rachel Brock, Head Teacher, Escots Primary, East Grinstead - July 2017


"Thank you so much for the workshop. It was brilliant! The kids really enjoyed themselves, as did the parents coming to watch! Creating the poem gave them good ownership of the song as they recognised their hard work and they loved creating the volcano sound scape. We've recommended you to the other teachers within the school.  I know that for us, the workshop really worked for our Active Planet topic."

Sarah Bretland, Head of Year 3, Blackwell Primary, East Grinstead - July 2017


"Ollie’s visits to OLQOH are always eagerly awaited, by children and staff alike.  Be it to teach us African Drums, Beat Box or for a special Themed Day, we always have fun, learning and working together."

Tobias Melia – Head Teacher, Our Lady Queen of Heaven Primary School, Crawley - June 2017


"Thank you so much for coming along to the Sussex School Games today. Amazing (as ever), and exactly the start to the day that we needed. Your performances are absolutely unique and certainly have the WOW factor for the children (and the adults actually)! Thanks again Ollie!"

Ed Bartram - Events Officer, Active Sussex - June 2017


"Thank you for taking part, you were brilliantly engaging with the children and I've had excellent feedback about your workshop."

Aisling Zambon - Head of Entertainment, Funk the Family Festival - June 2017


"Hey @ollie_heath just saw you at @FunkTheFamily, best set I've seen at a festival, my 15month year old loved it too!"

Russell Greenwood - June 2017


"I wish we could be in your class forever! I will never forget you. I used to be shy but I feel so much more confident now! You are a spectacular Teacher and I have learnt a lot from you."

Willow, Age 8, Westdene Primary, Hove - June 2017


"The children loved their One World Week drumming celebration with you!" 

Carole Tobin, Headteacher, Roxeth Primary School, Harrow - June 2017


"The best workshop I have ever been to!"

Kaleb Eloquin, Age 8, Greenway Academy, Horsham - May 2017


"It was such a great experience for all the children and really made our Book Week fantastic!"

Judith Clarke, Literacy Leader/Teacher, Rusper Primary - March 2017


"Thank you for your brilliant work with Rhythm Masters. They SO enjoy their sessions with you & it was great to see their enthusiasm & confidence on stage - their parents clearly loved it!"

Emma Bright, Music Teacher, Westdene Primary, Hove - March 2017


"All the year groups said how brilliant it was and the children loved it!"

Rosie Loftus, Literacy Leader/Teacher, Halsford Park Primary - February 2017


"Every now and then you feel your school come together as one. Ollie’s workshops did that for us at North Heath. We had 420 pupils and 30 staff engaged in meaningful, creative learning provided by a teacher at the top of his game. We’d recommend a day in the company of Ollie without reservation. Truly inspirational." 

M GildeaHeadteacherNorth Heath Community Primary School Horsham, March 2016


"I first started going to Ollies drumming workshops when I was 4 years old. I enjoyed it so much I continued to go to holiday workshops and after school clubs until I got to high school where I carried on drumming and am now at a grade 5 level. Ollies workshops really helped my confidence to grow and improve and as I continue learning with him I developed as a person and really discovered my passion for music. His musical teaching techniques really clicked with me and had me in awe as i learnt to not just drums but also my human rights. Learning social skills through body percussion have really come in useful in later life! Without Ollie's workshops I would not be the person I am today."

Morgan Moutney-James, Aged 16, January 2015


"I just wanted to let you know that all staff are raving about their Rhythm and Rhyme workshops. All the children really enjoyed themselves and the staff too. Children who can be difficult to engage impressed their teachers with their interest and enthusiasm. They are saying it's the best workshop we've had in a long time.Thanks so much Ollie - I hope you'll want to come back again - I know you do lots of different workshops."      

Jane Ansell Oaks Primary, Hillingdon, January 2015


"32 attended the session from 25 different schools. 31 attendees rated the session as outstanding and one as good. Comments made included : Excellent! Really exciting and fun, Practical - filled with lots of ideas to take back to the classroom, Interactive & enjoyable with some great ideas, Wow!, It was EPIC!"  

Teresa Farrow, CPD Lead Central Bedfordshire Teaching School Partnership, January 2015


“The Primary School PE Co-ordinators were totally engaged and bowled over by the energy and quality on show. It was great to see how Ollie’s passion for music and learning could be tailor made for all types of curriculum demands.”

Steve Hill (East Grinstead Youth Sport Development Officer and Head of PE at Imberhorne School) September 2014


"Amazing!!!! I still remember everything I learnt from when I was 8! "  

Kelly Cellini (Aged 21)  September 2014


"I really like your narrations and the music and it was also the best part of my day!" 

Charlie White (Aged 9) September 2014


“Ollie’s Rhythm Master workshops aim to promote self-belief in children whilst teaching the rhythmic arts. It was a fantastic way to start the musical year and the children were buzzing with the pace and dynamism of Ollie's sixty-minute workshops throughout the day."  

Mark Travers (Head of Hurst Prep Music) September 2014


“Thank you for an incredible workshop Ollie.  You were amazing.  All the children loved the sessions. It was inspiring, the sound was incredible and the children clearly loved it. We will certainly be getting you back as often as possible!” 

Jaqui Mariott (Head of Cheam School) April 2014


"Ollie had the children in the palm of his hand from the moment they walked into the hall.  His adapted beat box vocals amused the children having been made personal to our school.  Looking round the hall there were beaming faces and participation everywhere (from adults and children alike!) Fun was had by all and the children were talking about this for the rest of the day." 

Nicola Woods (Head at Leechpool Primary- Horsham) 2013


“...250 deputy heads were shaken out of their post-lunch slump. It was a definite highlight of the conference.”

Pam Langmead (EPHA Manager) 2013


“Ollie’s skill, energy and ideas made the kids both excited and enthusiastic about maths.”

Alex Wingham (Deputy Head of St. Martins School) 2013


“I have never seen so many children and staff transfixed at any one time! Ollie is an incredibly talented musician who brings the curriculum bang up to date with an approach to music that our children can completely bond with and relate to. Engagement, enthusiasm and involvement are the key to Ollie’s success – he had the whole school working as a team within 15 minutes! An absolute must for any school!" 

James Crump - Head Teacher (Heron Way School - Horsham) 2013


"Ollie's sessions were full of energy, creativity and enthusiasm. He inspired all children, regardless of ability to create exciting rhythms within the context of values. The children felt energized and full of confidence after a wonderful day."  

Simon Cannon - Deputy Head (Greenway School - Horsham) 2013


“What a brilliant session. We were all (children and staff) enthralled. A contemporary approach to the anti-bullying message so valued by the school. We would recommend this to all schools. Thank you.” 

Alison White - Deputy-Head (Hertford Junior School -Brighton)


"Motivational and brilliant! Fits in fantastically with school ethos and PHSCE.”

Andy Pinnock - Music Co-ordinator- St. Luke’s Junior School(Brighton)


“What I really like about it is the fact that it not only encouraged the children to be active but it promotes the skills of listening, teamwork,, perseverance and much more. A must for every class in every school.” 

Nicola Shattock - Deputy Head - Surrey Square Juniors (London) 


“The best assembly I have ever seen!”  

Teresa Day - Deputy Head - Leechpool Primary School


“First class! Thank you for inspiring us. Staff welcomed the refreshing change from the 3R's!”

 Andy Bartron - Deputy Head - Windmills Junior School (Hassocks) 


“Excellent! Terrific to work so effectively with 450 children aged 4-11. All really engaged and thoroughly enjoying the experience.”

Jim Pearson - Head Teacher - North lancing School (North Lancing)


“A fantastic way to put across delicate issues about bullying. The children were really motivated and inspired. I am sure they will use the catchy action against bullying phrases in the playground!”

Kaye (Deputy Head) - Crawley Down Village C of E School


“An excellent assembly! I've never seen so many children totally involved!”

Clare Harrison - Class Teacher- Langley Primary School (Crawley) 


“Excellent way of encouraging team work - co-operation skills. Getting children to think beyond the obvious. Promoting good behaviour for learning. We would like to expose many more students to these sessions.”

S.G. Smith - Assistant Head - Littlehampton School


“I think today was the bestest day of my life!”

My age is 8 and I am a boy! The Mill Primary School (Crawley)


“Brilliant! I cannot praise you enough.”

Mrs Kirsty Bentley Music Coordinator - Leechpool Primary School (Crawley) 


"It’s Wow factor with vision immediate results and long term benefits...I am still seeing the effects of Ollie’s work with us 3 years later.”

Jessica Naish - Project Director of Sherman Theatre - Cardiff


“I feel enlivened!”

Jennie Lawes - Aloe Vera


“Great fun! MAde me awake and smile lots.”

Virginia Keefe - Palmeira Practice


“Very enjoyable and effective.”

Graham Maheux - The Utility Warehouse


“Brilliant! Great energy and pace. Brought everyone in. Huge fun! Well worth while and we’re all working better together already!”

Alistair Sawday - Alistair Sawday Publications


“It was a good wake up call, gave energy and refocused us all in the morning.”

Jason Matthews - Perfect Print