SCHOOL SONG - Children Singing Pic.jpg


by Sheddingdeen Primary School

This is a taster of a  song I wrote for Sheddingdean Primary School to help them celebrate their Ofsted result.

Would you like a song that your pupils and Teachers can rap loudly and proudly at your next big event or celebration?

This will be a song to let all visitors know why your school is such a happy and special place to learn! 

It’s not just any old song, it will be written especially for you with big actions and a big impact!

A perfect song to be on your website and be shared on social media to show off your school.


*I will write the backing music and lyrics especially for your school, based on your theme. (I can even facilitate year 6 pupils to write the lyrics?)

*I will teach all year groups the song and perform it with them for family and friends the same day.

*I will record your song in my portable studio so that you have your very own single to perform anytime!


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