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My name is Ollie Heath.

I am a qualified Teacher and professional musician. My passion is to bring learning alive and strengthen teams with the unique power of rhythmic music. I am also a specialist Teacher of the Deaf and have been a guest lecturer at Hertfordshire University for many years. 

As a child I was incredibly 'switched off' at school. I found my school life either very boring or incredibly stressful. It wasn't until I learnt to use music as a tool for learning that I really 'took off' academically. I went from being a student who barely scraped his GCSE's to getting 1sts in most of my final exams and essays at university. I don't tell you this to impress you, but to impress upon you the unique power music has as a cross curricular tool for long lasting learning. I became a class Teacher and began using music as a medium to make subjects more enjoyable and engaging. It worked so well, that I was asked by the Head to present my techniques at neighbouring primary schools. The schools were amazed by the immediate impact the music had on their pupils. It was then that I could see that my skills were better suited visiting schools across the UK and beyond. So, after only 2 years as a class Teacher, I took the risk of setting up my own business in September 2000.

I was also Head of music in Northease Manor School in Lewes for 4 years. 

I'm happy to say that I've had the best years of my teaching career and gone on to train a team and deliver INSET all over the UK and beyond. 

I was also bullied and have been a bully at different stages of my academic life. There were years when I had to be dragged to school because I couldn't face other pupils. Over the years I felt much more confident and happy when I empowered  others around me. I now use music as a medium to unite and strengthen large groups of children. There's no better feeling in the world than seeing so many children across the world collaborating and putting the values of respect, kindness and unity into action. Rhythmic music is the perfect tool to see these values become a reality. 

I also used to be incredibly stressed before tests. Thanks to delivering my music workshops, I no longer feel stressed. My participants often express feeling stress free after my workshops, which is why my workshops are also very popular before and after SATS.

As you can see, I offer many themes. My job is to ignite a long lasting passion for learning for primary children. Rap, rhythm and rhyme work because they speak to kids in a language they understand. Rhythm is something inherent within us all, and I'm so passionate to bring the joy of learning to all those children who are 'switched off'  like I used to be. There's nothing more memorable than a whole school coming together through the magical medium of music. 

To book a workshop, simply fill in a query form below. 

Or contact me directly: ollie@ollieheath.com

I look forward to hearing from you.